Our Core Technology.

At WebLinc, we’re not afraid to embrace new and exciting technologies to make your site its best. We build with modern, lightweight technologies like Ruby on Rails and MongoDB, which offer innovation, faster development times, and cost savings to our clients. Plus with the Ruby on Rails component, gems allow you have the flexibility to choose features you need and skip the ones you don’t.

Core Technology


WebLinc eCommerce is built with the latest version of Ruby, version 2.1. Ruby's flexibility, extendibility, and broad community support allow us the elasticity we need to move at the speed of your business.


Rails is a well proven framework, dedicated to sustainable productivity and flexibility. Rails powers thousands of sites including Basecamp, Github, Groupon, Yellowpages, and Twitter.


Rails Engines allow for flexible extension and reuse of Rails code. We flex Engines to provide plugin capability to the WebLinc core system.


Mongoid is a persistence technology which allows developers familiar with Rails an easy and fast on-ramp to building on top of MongoDB.


Sidekiq is simple, efficient background processing for Ruby. We use it to keep web response times snappy, and as a robust way to manage background tasks.


Dragonfly is a highly customizable, on-demand image processor for Ruby. It allows us to make adjustments to site imagery ad hoc.


MongoDB is the leading open-source NoSQL database, and its speed and dynamic schema provide an ideal storage mechanism for diverse eCommerce.

Elasticsearch is an open-source search engine that matches MongoDB in flexibility. We use it to provide powerful and inventive ways to browse and search any catalog of products.

Redis is an open-source, advanced data structure server we use as a bit of a Swiss Army knife. It powers Sidekiq, caching, and our recommendations engine.


Chef is an infrastructure automation framework which allows us to manage our hosting quickly and flexibly at any scale.

Nginx is an open-source HTTP server and reverse proxy. It is known for its high performance, stability, rich feature set, simple configuration, and low resource consumption.

Passenger is an fast, reliable, and stable application server for Ruby web applications.