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Women of WebLinc, Kylie Hill

Kylie Hill, COO

It’s been long overdue for us to feature Kylie Hill, WebLinc’s Chief Operating Officer, in the Women of WebLinc blog series. The evolution of her come-up at WebLinc is one of legend. Being there for every iteration of our business, she knows as much as our walls. Get to know Kylie!

1. How long have you been working for WebLinc?

Since 1998… which, while exposing my age, is just about as many years as I lived prior to joining the team.

2. What makes you stay at WebLinc all these years later? 

I arrived as an intern. This was the age when I absolutely knew-it-all while just starting university. #lessonlearned

I jumped in looking at opportunities for ongoing improvements, such as rolling out accounting systems to standardization or process refinement to project and program management.

What keeps me energized in our company is the ability to adapt to an ever-evolving industry. Change and process are not four letter words. We welcome challenges while working on refinements to further add efficiencies.

What I was hired to do changed rapidly as different needs of the business interested me. I was doing accounting which unnaturally transpired into marketing-esque tasks before shifting to a focus in project management. The ability to navigate across departments kept me on my toes and was challenging. I have experienced some great achievements, and also some quick missteps. This has set the tone for our organization and my view on the expectation of progress over explicit perfection. Time moves quick, we need to foster the ability to get out of our own way(s).

3. We know about WebLinc’s community engagement efforts, why is it so important to you?

Civic (refugee gardens, volunteering, toy drives, donations, girls in tech, kids in tech) and charitable responsibilities are something I take seriously, and they belong to everyone. None of which are an “extra,” it’s an essential part of my life that I genuinely enjoy, and enjoy sharing with my family and peers. Every philanthropic outing WebLinc organizes, I meet new people, and familiar faces bring out friends and family who share our company’s core values. These are the best indicators of how our charitable work is being received by our team.

I’m a firm believer in finding ways to help staff trust one another more, and when you’re carrying a couch up a flight of stairs, you have to have faith in that other person.

4. Do you work on a team? And how many people are on it? 

I do. I’m a team player with basically our whole organization. I am level-headed with everyone;  whether joining in on delivery components or helping with sales planning.

Internally, I get to work across departments tied to product, customers, partner channels, finance, legal, and community involvement. Externally, I have ongoing communications with solutions partners, brokers, and investors. I map out my days the best I can, in the fast-paced world of the software industry you have to stay flexible, hyper alert, and anticipate twists.

5. What’s your advice for women looking to get into the tech field? 

When I entered the workforce, our industry’s name wasn’t even defined & I have been fortunate to grow along side of the changes. My words of advice are not industry specific. Claim your confidence, establish core fundamentals, and trust your gut.

Top weekend activities: 

Outdoor adventures, typically lead by my three sons and husband… whether we’re cheering on a sports game, tackling hikes, creating science or simply enjoying each other’s company. I am forever focused on raising strong boys to become men who respect boundaries, women’s rights, and simply anticipate the good in the people surrounding their lives.

Activities include: Gardening, backyard chickens, biking, trails, soccer, basketball & tossing axes.

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