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Women of WebLinc, Jess Craig

Jess Craig, QA Analyst Lead

The Women of WebLinc blog series roars into 2018! A recent chat with Jess Craig, QA Analyst Lead and proud mother of one of WebLinc’s favorite pups, Gidget, led to our newest Q&A and the first staff interview this year. Jess reveals how she changed roles at WebLinc, shares a lesson from her manager on being valuable and something she learned about herself since joining us. Meet Jess!

1. How long have you been working for WebLinc?

3 years!

2. How did you arrive at WebLinc?

It all started when I lived in Phoenix, working for a friend’s ecommerce startup as an online merchandiser. I really disliked Phoenix weather and wanted to move back to the east coast as soon as humanly possible. Before I could even consider moving I needed to line up a job, so I sent my resume to WebLinc and I managed to land an interview (or three). I was hired as an ecommerce merchandiser, which was a title I held for about a year. After a while, there was an opportunity to work in Quality Assurance and I really wanted to do it. So with WebLinc’s help, I made the transition and have been full speed ahead ever since. I’m now the QA Analyst Lead for one of WebLinc’s teams and I truly love my job.

3. What is the work environment like?

The opposite of micromanaging is MACROmanaging, which is everything micromanaging isn’t. WebLinc management assists our project Leads to lead, which places the right people in charge of the right things. This creates a very comfortable and positive atmosphere with less stress. There’s a lot of emphasis within WebLinc to trust each other and in turn creates camaraderie; no one wants to let their teammates down! We’re an agile company and the viewpoints of my teammates has a lot of weight in decision-making and how we work. My teams matter, we’re respected, and we all learn a lot from each other.

I love having the freedom that I have at WebLinc. The trust and confidence from WebLinc for me to do my job is known, and so I’m able to do the best job I can. I appreciate that I’m viewed/measured based on my output, which frees my mind of any trivial corporate silliness. I’m given the best opportunity to succeed, which I find inspiring.

4. Do you work on a team? And how many people are on it?

As a shared resource, I allocate my time across 3 different WebLinc internal teams, 2 remote system implementor teams, and over 12 different customers. I also manage our remote testers daily. In total, I regularly work with more than 40 people.

5. What’s your advice for women looking to get into the tech field?

While WebLinc is the most progressive place I’ve ever been a part of, I have had to learn patience and earn the credit I, for some reason, thought I deserved immediately, which in hindsight was an amazing thing to learn.

There are two things I think are important for any woman wanting to work in the tech field:

  1. Get yourself a mentor! Find someone in the tech field you can learn from and vent to. This person needs to be someone who will not unfairly judge you but will tell you when you’re just being plain ol’ ridiculous. Find a mentor, be humble and accept constructive criticism. Be upfront with your mentor about your expectations of them so they give it to you straight.

  2. Aim for small wins. It’s so simple, too. The “progress principle” is something my manager and mentor Nate Govan has taught me. Essentially, small wins improve team morale, get everyone motivated, and most importantly, changes perceptions of you. The single most vital way you can prove your value is showing progress. I have found that unburdening teammates when I can has earned me their appreciation and demonstrates I’m dependable. If people can count on you, you’re valuable to them, so always make yourself reliable.

Top weekend activities:

  • Binging on political podcasts

  • Drinking spicy bloody marys

  • Taking care of my plants

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