Women of WebLinc, Darielle Davis

Darielle Davis, Front-end Developer at WebLinc

Welcome to another post in our exclusive blog series, the “Women of WebLinc!” This is where you hear straight from the talented women shaping ecommerce from inside our walls.

Today you’ll get to know Darielle Davis, a Front-end Developer who shares some gritty details on how our teams operate when it’s “go time,” her appreciation of the freedom to work from where she wishes, and very honest advice behind the realities of women working in tech. Random fact: she sports some of the raddest colored pants in WebLinc’s history.

1. How long have you been working for WebLinc? 

I recently (happily) celebrated my 4th year anniversary at WebLinc.

2. How did you arrive at WebLinc? 

Jordan, a fellow Front-end Developer at WebLinc, and I attended Drexel University together. We were both in the same year and program. We also did our senior project together. As our senior year was coming to an end, we both got busy about the business of finding a job.

In the last few weeks of classes, Jordan told me about a job offer he received from a Philadelphia ecommerce company called WebLinc. Maybe a day or so later, probably thanks to retargeting ads and Google magic, there was a job ad for WebLinc that popped up in my search results. I had never seen it prior to that day.

I thought it was a mistake; Jordan had just gotten the offer and I figured they didn’t have time to take the ad down. For some reason I decided to inquire anyway. I received an email response within a few hours and the rest is history.

3. What is the work environment like? 

I work with some awesome individuals. Generally, we’re pretty chill. In a lot of ways, the people that I with work the most are very different from each other, but we still find a way to come together and get good things done. Some days are chaotic and demanding (putting out fires is never fun), but everyone that I’ve worked with has been super committed to our customers and to producing great work. We may have to grind sometimes but we get it done!

WebLinc gives us the freedom of working with what works for us. I enjoy my standing desk that near my team, but I also enjoy working from my favorite local Old City coffee shop.

4. Do you work on a team? And how many people are on it? 

Throughout the years I’ve had the privilege of working with many different teams here. I’m currently on team Naval Square. We’re a small team that consists of a project manager, two back-end devs and myself as the fully dedicated front-end developer.

5. What’s your advice for women looking to get into the tech field? 

Do it. Don’t let stereotypes, assumptions, blog posts, Hollywood or someone else’s bad experience discourage you. If you’re an aspiring developer, come to grips with the fact that (at least for now) most of your colleagues will be men. Also come to grips with the thought that it’s likely that your closest friends will have no idea what you actually do for a living…at least that’s been my experience. Start building stuff. Start creating. There are a ton of resources available online that’ll get you going.

Overall, the best advice I could say is to let go of what you think and what others have told you to think about women in tech. You’re not other women, you’re you. Listen to good advice but don’t limit yourself to it. Get into the field, crush it and be great!

Top weekend activities: 

  • My church is my second home and my favorite people to be around

  • YouTube-ing

  • Hanging at my local Starbucks

  • Cleaning, organizing and planning

  • Random drives through the suburbs and/or country (aka escapes from city life)

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