Blooddrive 01

WebLinc Gives Back by Hosting Triannual Blood Drive in Old City

Monday, August 27th – WebLinc hosted its triannual Blood drive at National Mechanics Restaurant & Bar that brought in 31 donations helping over 93 area hospital patients. The event was organized in partnership with the American Red Cross. Red Cross workers converted the restaurant into a makeshift hospital to accept donations between 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

The event was supported by WebLinc employees, Indy Hall contractors, and N3RD Street tech businesses. WebLinc employees worked alongside Reed Gustow, a former employee of the Red Cross and tech consultant in Old City, to put on the event. WebLinc has been supporting the blood drive for over 10 years, collecting more than 804 donations and helping over 2,412 hospital patients.

“When I think of all of the collaborations we've done, working with Reed and the WebLinc crew on the blood drives stands out as a shining example of how much good can be done by just a few people. I'm always so proud when we get the numbers back after each drive, especially knowing how many first-time donors feel comfortable enough to face their fear of needles!” said Alex Hillman Indy Hall co-founder. This year, eight first time donors participated in the blood drive.
“From a statistics side of things we have 20% first time donors across all our blood drives – which is pretty big considering that you can only be a first time donor once,” said Ross Lieberman. The blood drive typically runs during ‘critical time frames’ when supply is low and demand is high like the Winter Holidays, Spring Break, and Summer.

“The Hills have been so generous in keeping this drive going, from committing their restaurant as a unique location, to encouraging any eligible staff to take time out of their day to donate. Ross Lieberman and Reed Gustow have supported the drive for years, and it could not have made it a decade without such dedicated folks involved!” said Lou Perseghin, Customer Success Manager at WebLinc.

“The support we get from my coworkers and our neighbors in the tech community is outstanding. Our last drive had 31 donors, exceeding our goal by 10%. Collectively we have saved thousands of lives, I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve accomplished together,“ said Ross Lieberman, Technical Lead at WebLinc and long-time supporter of the American Red Cross.