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Women of WebLinc, Claire Cupples

Claire Cupples, Visual Designer at WebLinc 

Who's been designing every Women of WebLinc blog series post you've read? Who worked remotely from Asia? It's Claire, our Visual Designer on the Marketing team! After a recent solo excursion that had her roaming temples and petting monkeys, Claire made time to share what she learned and how to harness newfound energy from a global trip.

1. How long have you been working for WebLinc? 

3 years!

2. How did you arrive at WebLinc? 

I graduated from Chapman University in Orange County, California, and moved across the country to Philadelphia. I began as an Intern on the Design Team—getting my bearings in a new city, and was hired full time as Visual Designer on the Marketing team a few months later.

I feel extraordinarily lucky to have found WebLinc. It became less of a job and more of a supportive family and community. It made the transition of moving to a new city much easier.

3. What is the work environment like?

WebLinc offers a unique sense of freedom and flexibility. WebLinc employees prioritize a strong work-life balance. I always feel valued as a person rather than simply as a resource. For example, WebLinc supported my interest in working abroad remotely. I was given the freedom to travel through southeast Asia whilst working full-time.

4. Do you work on a team? And how many people are on it? 

I work on the Marketing Team made up of 7 people. I also regularly work with the Sales Team and Design Team.

5. What’s your advice for women looking to get into the tech field? 

The tech industry offers flexibility. Take advantage of it. Don’t be afraid to explore and push boundaries. A key part of the tech industry is that it is innovative in nature. Be the first to do something.

6. Coffee or tea?


7. Favorite part of working for WebLinc

Over the course of five weeks, I traveled to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia. I swam in waterfalls, watched the sunrise over the largest temple in the world, walked through pineapple fields, tried different foods at a floating market, and pet way too many stray cats. Working remotely for WebLinc let me experience the world with a degree of autonomy that is unheard of in most companies. There were highs and lows of traveling and working remotely as a solo woman, but the experience offered a new perspective, a sense of accomplishment, and a new found creative energy that I was able to bring home with me.

Some of my recommendations for working remotely:

  1. Have a long-term base: Being on the move can be difficult - poor wi-fi, hotels, fatigue, and even missing your flight (this actually happened). The best and worst part of traveling is the unexpected, which often can make focusing on work difficult. The best way to dodge distractions is by establishing a long-term home base. Live like a local for a while.
  2. Some overlap of working hours is necessary: Working in a time zone exactly opposite of my office presented some challenges. I learned that there is enormous value in real-time collaboration. Shifting my work day so that I had two hours of overlap with my team proved helpful to keep me on track and engaged in both day-to-day conversation and office culture.
  3. Keep communication consistent and regular: Check in with teammates individually and as a group. Set an expectation of daily communication prior to your trip with regularly scheduled check-ins. It is important to establish a solid cadence and rhythm. For me, a morning stand-up in our group chat, an end of day email recap, and a once a week hourly check-in with my supervisor proved beneficial.

Top weekend activities:

  • Throwing a pot on my potter’s wheel

  • Saying hello to the animals at the Philadelphia Zoo

  • Reading the next book in Oprah’s Book Club

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