Women of WebLinc, Ashley Kennedy

Ashley Kennedy, Web Designer at WebLinc

Ashley transitioned careers from working as a professional Hair Colorist in the beauty industry to working as a web designer on the WebLinc Creative and UX team. She spends her free time driving around town on her motorcycle.

1. How long have you been working for WebLinc?

I have been a member of the WebLinc team since November of 2016.

2. How did you arrive at WebLinc? 

After years of working professionally in the beauty industry, I returned to college to study Graphic Design and work towards a career transition. I gained my initial design experience with print publications. Print media was a great place to start, because it helped me quickly figure out what I did not want to do. My peaked interest in web design and front end development lead me on a search for an environment in which I could gain exposure to both avenues. WebLinc has brought me up to speed in the digital world, where I now contribute to the Creative/UX team as a Web Designer.

The most fun I have had with WebLinc has been working on Lime Crime’s mini cart. I never thought I’d be prepping pink unicorns and rainbows for a fun interaction. Universal Companies’ blog redesign was another project that I really enjoyed. Working with these beauty companies was something that I could really connect with and definitely brought some extra excitement to the table. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing team. Transitioning careers has been one of the more difficult things I’ve done in my adult life, but I’m so happy I made the decision to do it. I am really enjoying where I am right now!

3. What is the work environment like? 

Everybody has a great work ethic and is supportive of their team members. There are tons of ways to get involved, give back to the community, or just have fun with WebLinc. The office culture is a bit casual and relaxed, which is refreshing. Our office setup makes it very easy to communicate with my co-workers. My first day in the office I was greeted with a big hug and a desk plant. I felt right at home!

4. Do you work on a team? And how many people are on it? 

I work on the Creative/UX team. We currently have two (soon to be three) other designers within creative. UX is made up of two UX designers and two business analysts. 

5. What’s your advice for women looking to get into the tech field? 

Do what makes you happy! Set realistic goals for yourself. Set constant goals for yourself. If you want it, you have to work hard for it. Next year, you’ll wish you had started today.

Top weekend activities:

  • Motorcycle
  • trips
  • Yoga
  • Travel
  • Hair Colorist and Special Events Stylist
  • Camping, hiking, and anything outdoors
  • Attending concerts and music festivals
  • Cooking and exploring new restaurants
  • Snowboarding in the winter

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