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Boost Conversion and AOV with Site Search

Search is one of the most important elements of your site: customers who find what they want buy more. Approximately 30 percent of online shoppers begin their visit with a search and if they can’t quickly find what they need, then they’ll abandon your site. Effective site search reduces the number of clicks between entering a search term and adding an item to the cart. WebLinc Solutions Partner Demac Media shared our findings on site search in their recent Q3 2016 Ecommerce Benchmark Report. We found that shoppers who use internal site search showed a 216% increase in conversion rate and a 21% increase in average order value over customers that browse a site.

Dema Media Q3 2016 Benchmark Report

We deeply understand the importance of search and our experts are happy to share their knowledge to help retailers drive sales. Earlier this year, WebLinc’s Vice President of Design & Delivery James Van Arsdale III shared 6 Best Practices for Ecommerce Site Search, which includes incorporating autocomplete, enabling product name and SKU search, optimizing product listings, and more. James also cautioned against the 10 Common Ecommerce Search Mistakes and how to avoid them.



Teams using the WebLinc Commerce Platform can gauge the customer experience through the Search Quality report. Data from searches with zero results can be implemented to write search redirects, influence possible product name changes, or suggest new items to add to their inventory.


As you’re likely aware, Google tools are a valuable resource for improving search functionality. You can use data from Google Analytics to guide product naming and keywords, see which terms have the best conversion rate, and so much more. Monitor Google Trends for current search habits and to see what is trending by region. You can also identify like-terms that are relevant to your products.

In conclusion, there are many ways to improve search to make the shopping experience as frictionless as possible for your customers. As our study showed, customers that use site search convert and spend more than visitors that browse. You can drastically enhance results by taking the time to think about how shoppers might search and by using the available tools to guide your strategy.

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