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Hover Intent


This article presents the second example in a series from Progressively Enhance It! at Barcamp Philly. In this example, we’ll use jQuery’s data and Underscore’s delay to detect hover intent on a… Read More

WebLinc.com Performance Updates: Part 1

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I have recently taken ownership of the development of WebLinc.com. I’ve been a WordPress developer for the past 5 years and try to give back to the WordPress community when… Read More

Developing for Accessibility

Web accessibiity topics

The importance of accessibility. Accessibility on the web means designing and building websites so that everyone can use them. The UN recognizes access to information and the web as a… Read More

Transmedia Storytelling & eCommerce

Telling a great story is essential to any eCommerce experience. With web content now being accessible in numerous ways on various media types, creating a story that transcends its device… Read More

A Front-end Exploration of Firefox Developer Tools

firefox logo

Firefox 35 showcases sleek new features and a friendlier dev tools experience, while some features still fall short of the competition. Internally, our front-end development team is full of Chrome… Read More

Components of Responsive Web Design: Universal Design

Responsive web design means creating a website that can be utilized effectively, used with ease, and accessed from any device. A web designer or developer must consider a number of… Read More

Testing your front-end for i18n with the pseudo-localization widget

When websites reach a critical mass in popularity, the need for localization becomes apparent, as it is the best way to reach a larger audience. To accomplish this, site owners… Read More

Be like a newb

Picture of cartoon character proposing a question.

It’s quite embarrassing when the bright spotlight of our peers’ attention shines on our gaps of knowledge. Many people quickly formulate a white lie to avoid this embarrassment. We work… Read More

Web Performance Checklist

Website performance and page speed are important not only to your users, but also to your bottom line. According to Mobile Marketer and as cited by Luke Wroblewski in his article… Read More

ZomBeacon – Exploring Apple’s iBeacon Technology in a New Way


As part of WebLinc’s commitment to innovation, employees are given the freedom to explore new ideas and technologies. Sometimes the endeavor produces great new commerce features for our clients and… Read More