WebLinc breaks down complicated B2B commerce challenges into simple, human-friendly solutions. From complex pricing models to order approval routing and multiple payment methods, the WebLinc Commerce Platform gives you tools to make your life easier and your customers happier.


Complex Pricing Models

Negotiated pricing at the account level, tier-based pricing for volume discounts, segment-based pricing for particular customer groups, and more.

Recommended Purchase Orders

Wholesale reps can create a recommended order based on previous orders and merchandise preferences. The wholesale customer simply accepts or edits the order.

Previously Purchased Items

Prompt customers with a list of previously purchased items to simplify the process of ordering favorite items.

Order Approval Routing

User accounts can be configured with spending thresholds and/or require managerial approval. Purchasing managers control shopping and checkout experiences for their buyers.

Multiple accounts per customer

Customers can be mapped to multiple accounts with different terms and discounts and toggle between accounts while shopping.

WebLinc B2B Success Stories