The WebLinc Commerce Platform

The WebLinc Commerce Platform turns the complicated business requirements of omnichannel commerce into simple solutions. With a powerful, human-friendly site management experience backed up by a technology stack engineered to scale with your business, we offer technology to help make your life easier and your customers happier.

Commerce Solutions

Simple Tools, Powerful Features

Built on years of experience working with retail teams of all sizes, extensive user testing, and a commitment to constant refinement, our platform makes running your site easy so you can focus on running your business.

Product Management

Merchandise better with rich product management features, powerful smart categories, and automated categorization capabilities.

Content Management

Empower content owners with easy to use creation and editing tools, advanced preview capabilities, and scheduled releases.

Customer Management

Target each customer better through robust analysis, reporting, and segmentation tools.

Multi-Site Management

Control settings and permissions for multiple sites through a single platform.

Order Management

Seamlessly integrated Order Management to simplify omnichannel operations through the entire lifecycle of an order. From pull/pack/ship to accounting, backorder management, advanced reporting, customer retention, and marketing.


Connect supply chains across channels for a seamless customer experience, from split shipments to real time delivery status.


Integrate easily with Xero, Sage 50, Quickbooks and other popular accounting platforms.


Track and report on inventory across multiple locations, warehouses, and stores in real time.

Reverse Logistics

Full reverse logistics capabilities make handling customer returns quick and easy.

B2B Ready

Wholesale is easy with multiple customer types, sales rep support features, multiple payment models, and more.

"The WebLinc Commerce Platform is the industry's most flexible, most scalable, most affordable, and most customizable ecommerce solution."

Bob Taylor, CEO

Better Integrations, Fewer Problems

You need secure, headache-free connections to the systems that run your business. That’s why we built our platform on flexible APIs and maintain pre-integrations with industry leading solutions.

ERP & Operations Systems

Integrate with your existing ERP and operations systems for performance, stability, and simplicity.

Payment & Taxes

Provide secure transactions for your customers and simplify compliance for your business.

Email Service Providers

Integrate your email marketing channel by connecting to product recommendations, abandoned carts, and user segmentation.

For years we’ve been constrained by our platform provider’s inability to make changes, and the lack of mobile functionality cost us to miss sales. We chose WebLinc for their proven track record with fashion-forward retailers, and we know we've made the right decision.

David Brewer, Co-Founder & CEO

Flexible Plugins, Richer Experiences

At best, one-size-fits-all solutions fit most. We’ve developed an abundant plugin ecosystem to extend our core functionality to meet your individual needs.

Ratings & Reviews

Turn browsers into shoppers by using ratings and reviews to create trust in your products.

Omnichannel Marketing

Integrate marketing across channels, sharing data seamlessly between platform and third party providers.

Social Media

Make social sharing and sign in easy, turning your customers into your brand advocates.


Focus your marketing efforts with powerful personalization and A/B testing solutions.

Why WebLinc Services?

It’s not just about launching your website. For WebLinc, working with a client is about helping great companies continue to grow and outpace their competition. The dedicated solutions team that oversees your implementation stays with you for strategic business reviews, custom development, ongoing support, and performance monitoring. These are just a few of the reasons our client relationships surpass industry averages.

Our Capabilities & Expertise

A commerce site is about more than your platform’s features. It’s what you do with them. Our feature set has been refined over years of experience with great brands and a clear focus on what drives their success.

Content Management

  • Navigation
    • Multiple taxonomies per site
    • Versioning
    • Drag and drop management
  • Page management
    • SEO-Friendly URLs
    • Tagging
    • Template management
    • URL Redirect management
    • Navigation display management
    • Versioning
    • Drag and drop management
    • Banner management
    • Rich Text editing
    • Video
    • HTML, CSS and JavaScript editor
    • Dynamic product display
    • Personalized Recommendation display
  • Releases
    • Scheduling tool for site changes
    • Release management and scheduling
    • Live preview
    • Undo function automatically rolls back to the previous site release
  • Assets
    • Asset management
    • Images, PDFs, etc.
    • Tagging
  • Blogs
    • Multi-blog management
    • Tagging
    • Multi-Author
    • Cross-product merchandising
    • Social Sharing
    • Commenting
    • Comment Moderation
  • Store Locator
    • Geolocation
    • Address search
    • Google Maps
    • Store Information
    • Directions
    • Click to Call, Email

Marketing Management

  • Discounts & Promotions
    • Example discounts
      • Product-based – 50% Off Product A
      • Category-based – All Men’s Clothing 50% off
      • Product Attribute-based – All (brand name) 50% off
      • Buy some get some (BOGO) – Buy 1 item, get 2nd item free
      • Quantity Fixed Price – Buy 2 for $29
      • Free Gift with Purchase – Buy 1 item and get free tote with purchase
      • Shipping-based – Free Shipping on orders over $100
      • Order-based – 10% off your whole order
    • Discount options
      • Single use per email address
      • Sale item inclusion/exclusion
      • Discount incompatibility
    • Promo Code Generation
      • Unique promo code generation
      • Prefix control
      • ESP integration
  • Email Marketing
    • Order-based transactional emails
    • Abandoned cart email
    • 3rd party email service provider integrations

Search Features & Management

  • Filters & display management
  • Find as you type suggested keywords and products
  • Settings Management
    • Synonyms
    • Boosts
    • Rewrites
    • Redirects
  • Explanation
  • Report: Searches without Results

Checkout Features & Management

  • Shopping Cart
    • Item management
      • Quantity editing
      • Move to Wish List
      • Remove
    • Product Recommendations (up/cross sells)
    • Recently Viewed
      • Products, Categories, Searches
    • Discounts & Promotions
      • Coupon/Promo code entry form
      • More than 1 discount can be applied to an order
      • Discount name, total applied to order
      • SKU/line item discounting
    • Tax
      • Estimated based on shipping zip code lookup
      • Tax policy management
    • Shipping
      • Estimated shipping costs based on zip code lookup
      • Order value shipping costs
      • Shipping method selection and price display
      • Shipping method management
    • Abandoned Carts
      • Abandoned cart email
  • Cart Dropdown / Mini-Cart
  • Checkout
    • Simplified layout
    • 3-step checkout
      • Shipping / Billing Addresses
      • Shipping Options
      • Payment & Review
    • Express checkout
      • Customers who have placed previous orders will be taken to Order Review with their addresses, payments and shipping methods defaulted based on their previous order
    • Guest Checkout
      • Account creation option upon order confirmation
    • Addresses
      • International address forms
      • Address validation (via 3rd party)
      • Saved addresses
    • Payments
      • Tokenization (via 3rd party payment processor)
      • International payments (via 3rd party payment processor)
      • Gift cards
      • PayPal (requires PayPal plugin)
    • Gift Wrap
      • Gift messaging
      • Gift wrapping options per item

Product Features & Management

  • Categories
    • Manually merchandised product sort
    • Dynamically created categories based on rules (Smart Categories)
    • Filter display management, per category
    • Default sort management, per category
    • Navigation management
  • Quick View
  • Filters
  • Recently Viewed
    • Products, Categories, Searches
  • Social Sharing
  • Product Information
    • Name
    • Style number(s)
    • Auto-generated, SEO-Friendly URL
    • Description(s)
    • Display to/from dates
    • Purchase to/from dates
    • SEO metadata
    • Attributes
    • Filters
    • Fit/Size Guides
  • Product Images
    • Automated resize, compression/optimization
    • Unlimited images by product, SKU/color variant
    • Color swatching
    • Zoom on hover, zoom on click/tap
  • Product Ratings & Reviews
    • Average Rating Summary
      • Rating stars (or other visual indicator)
      • Review count
      • Read all reviews
      • Write a review
    • Read Reviews
      • Review sorting
      • Rating stars
      • Title, description
      • Aliased customer names
      • Date, time
    • Write a Review
      • Rating star selection (or other visual indicator)
      • Title
      • Description
    • Moderation
      • Approval or Denial
      • Preview
  • Product Recommendations (up/cross sells)
    • Configurable per product, per page template
      • Product Detail Page (Cross Sells)
      • Shopping Cart (Up Sells)
    • Sortable algorithm options
      • Custom Administered (Merchandised)
      • Users also viewed
      • Most similar products
      • Users also purchased
  • SKU Information
    • Item number(s)
    • Display name
    • Display to/from dates
    • Purchase to/from dates
    • Variant Options
  • SKU Pricing
    • MSRP
    • Regular Price
    • Sale Price
    • Sale Price to/from dates
    • Quantity-based pricing
    • Customer Segment-based pricing
    • Tax policy management
    • Discountable
  • SKU Inventory
    • Policy Management
      • Standard (sell to 0 or reserve)
      • Ignore (sell infinitely)
      • Allow Backorder (sell to backorder qty available)
    • Inventory Quantities
      • Available
      • Backordered
      • Reserved
    • Backorder “Ships On” date
    • Availability Messaging on SKU selection
      • In Stock, Low Inventory, Out of Stock, Back Ordered – Ships On (date)
  • Product Page Templates
    • Basic
    • Clothing
    • eGift Card
    • Package
  • eGift Cards
    • Recipient’s Email
    • Sender’s Name
    • Message
    • Management
      • Creation and management
      • Balance and status notification
  • Package Product
    • Create packages, outfits or bundles with ease
    • Sort order of products
    • Page template management

Multi-Site Management

  • Dashboard
    • Order statistics and reporting, for current time periods
    • Abandoned products summary
    • Outstanding task report
    • Activity log
  • Site Settings
  • Shipping Methods
    • Flat pricing
    • Tiered pricing
    • Country-specific method management
    • Tax codes
  • Commenting
    • Comment on any item within the system for collaboration purposes
  • Reporting
    • Daily Status Email
    • Categories without products
    • Products without product images
    • Abandoned Carts/Checkout
    • Email Sign Ups
    • Searches without results
    • Wish Lists

Customer Features & Management

  • User Accounts
    • Sign In
    • Account Creation
    • Forgot Password
    • My Account
      • Customer recognition- name display in site header
      • Account dashboard
      • Name, email and password management
      • Saved Credit Cards management
      • Saved Address management
      • Orders
        • Recent orders summary
        • Full order history (omni-channel capable)
        • Order Receipt Details
        • Order status options
          • Checkout
          • Abandoned
          • Placed
          • Partially Shipped
          • Shipped
          • Cancelled
        • Shipments
          • Partial shipments
          • Tracking per item or shipment
          • Cancellations
        • Order Search
          • Creation date, order date, price, keywords
        • Order Editing
          • Add items
          • Edit quantity of items
          • Remove items
          • Add Promo code
          • Order Cancellation
        • Order Creation
          • Enables a customer service user to create an order on behalf of a customer
        • Export (CSV)
      • Wish Lists
        • Add to Wish List from Product Detail page
        • Move items from Shopping Cart to Wish List
        • Share settings
          • Public – Anyone can search and view their wish list
          • Shared – Anyone with the wish list link can view their wish list
          • Private – Only the customer can view their wish list
        • Item information
          • Product Image
          • SKU information
          • SKU Pricing
          • Availability information
          • Quantity Desired
        • Item management
          • Quantity editing
          • Item removal
          • Add to Cart
        • Item filtering
          • Purchased / Unpurchased
        • Public Wish List information
          • The customer name will be displayed for the Public and Shared settings
        • Public Wish List Search
          • Search by name or email address, city, state or postal code
          • Search results list Public Wish Lists for user accounts
          • Clicking on a list will take you to the Wish List details
    • User Roles & Permissions
      • Roles
        • Customer
        • Administrators
      • Permissions
        • View, Create, Edit, Remove permissions on every component of the system (e.g. Products, Discounts, Categories)
    • User Search
      • By role
        • Customers
        • Administrative role(s)
      • Keywords
      • Creation date
      • Sorting
    • Tagging
    • Export (CSV)
    • Historical Data
      • Orders placed
      • Order frequency
      • Average Order Value (AOV)
      • Total amount spent
      • Past order details
      • Date/time of last login
      • Creation date
  • Guest Accounts
    • Orders
      • Guest Account Order Search
      • Order Receipt
      • Order Status & Shipments
  • Segmentation
    • Segments
      • Segmentation rules
        • Product or Search activity
        • Average Order Value
        • Total amount spent
        • Order frequency
        • User tag
      • Messaging when a user meets a segment requirement
  • Facebook Sign In
    • Sign In via Facebook to alleviate a single sign on (SSO) in place of creating a new account
    • Email address is accessed from Facebook
  • Hearting/Favorites
    • My Account
      • Features listed require an account
      • My Hearted Items summary on account dashboard
      • My Hearts, view all products that have been hearted
    • Products
      • Heart/Unheart any product on browse, search and product detail
      • Heart count, total amount of customers that have hearted product
      • Sorting option of “Most Loved” added to browse and search pages