Nasty Gal started out humbly as an eBay store, and within just a few years, skyrocketed to become the fastest-growing retail company in the U.S.

Nasty Gal is the creation of Sophia Amoruso. Amoruso is a California native who planned to become a photographer, but found her true calling in her early 20s reselling vintage clothes. Armed with an innate sense of fashion, a gutsy approach to online selling/social networking, and a complete unwillingness to play by the traditional rules of fashion retail (i.e., no marketing, no discounting), Amoruso took Nasty Gal in a few short years from sales in the thousands to sales in the tens of millions and attracting the attention of venture capitalists.

While Amoruso got started on eBay selling out of her small San Francisco apartment, today Nasty Gal is headquartered in Los Angeles with a warehouse near Burbank. To get items shipped to customers faster, WebLinc streamlined the data transfers between the ecommerce site and Nasty Gal’s back-end ERP.

Despite the growth and the attention of investment bankers, Nasty Gal remains true to its ecommerce and social networking roots: Inviting customers to upload photos of themselves, blogging, updating its social network pages throughout the day, and engaging in relentless friending.

“We have done very little deliberate marketing,” explains David Thomas, CTO of Nasty Gal. “Our business is built on the web interaction of shoppers and customers.”

To keep the sales flowing, Nasty Gal relies on the WebLinc ecommerce platform. “We set out to create an ecommerce site that has the confident, comfortable Nasty Gal sensibility with the considerable processing power and scalability needed by a site that is growing by leaps and bounds,” explained WebLinc’s Director of User Experience, James Van Arsdale III.

While Nasty Gal speaks to its customers in the tone of a smart, sophisticated friend who wants you to look your best, WebLinc Commerce software backs that up by delivering a streamlined merchandising experience.  Nasty Gal customers can quickly browse through clothes, shoes, accessories, etc., but also sort their options by size, color, price range and even most Facebook likes. They can instantly express how they feel about Nasty Gal’s products by declaring the item “Needed” or “Gimme.”

WebLinc built the Nasty Gal site on their state-of-the-art ecommerce platform, speeding development time and taking advantage of the data-driven features and optimizations that are simply not possible with other platform technology.

Darren C. Hill, Co-Founder and CEO of WebLinc notes, “When we first met with Sophia, she had a great eye for product, a strong following online and a web site that needed an upgrade. In the two years that we’ve worked with Nasty Gal, she has grown the business by approximately 600 percent. There are not a lot of companies who can grow that quickly and not a lot of ecommerce platforms that can handle that type of growth. It’s been a great partnership.”